Filigree & Shadow – Out Soon

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that the past month or so I have not been posting as often. I have been proofing and preparing the final files for my next book, ‘Filigree & Shadow’. Some two or three months ago I wrote some articles on POD publishers and tried to give an unbias and balanced view on the services they provided. It is important that I emphasise that I do not use this site to promote these publishers nor do I use it to criticise them unfairly. This site is simply to underline my own experiences and advise other authors considering a route into self-publishing or using a POD/Subsidy service.

In the past review articles on POD publishers I said that I would choose one of them for my next book. There is a not publisher service I have reviewed here that I do not honestly believe is not suitable for the right writer at the right time, and for the right reasons. Ultimately, this will always be the writers choice if they have decided to go the self-publishing/subsidy service route. There are many articles here which help to guide an author to that decision, but I always underline this with the advice that they should thoroughly exhause the traditional methods and avenues before considering the self-publishing/subsidy route.

I have recently uprooted and moved from Dublin to West Meath in the midlands of Ireland. I have also had to look at my finances and re-evaluate so many things in my life. I am as as happy and in love with life as I have ever been.

Earlier this year I published ‘Academy’ through Lulu and the whole experience was perhaps the best in my life. The feedback and sales I have had from the book far outstretched anything I could have ever imagined. ‘Academy’ was a novel I had writen more than 12 years ago and about the same period of time I was writing quite a number of short pieces of experimental fiction. Much of the short pieces now forms the next book, ‘Filigree & Shadow’. This book will be published through Lulu, who are still offering their ‘Published by Lulu’ package for free, having offered this free since May of this year. It was simply not an opportunity I could have refused, considering that using the same internal layout file, I can also include a hardback and paperback edition for publication. It is simply a deal I could not have got from any other POD publisher. Incidently, the ‘Published by You’ deal with Lulu is available at the cost of €89 at the moment. My suspicions are that this may well become the norm with Lulu as their costs seem to be in the most part made back through the sales of their author’s books.

The experience this time with Lulu was much easier. I had ‘My Lulu’ page already set up and it was simply a case of setting up a new project. I used the original template I had used for the 6 x 9 hardback with this one, but this time I chose my own cover rather than using one of Lulu’s templates. I found a wonderful website called some months back and came across something just perfect for the cover. This was my only area of ‘shit, this might go wrong’ but, having made sure the cover art was 300dpi and approximately the right size, it loaded perfectly to the Lulu site. I would add that you check carefully out the copyright legalities to any site that you load up cover art from, but there are many that are free and are very much top quality. I have to say that as much as I am ok with MS Word, I am still still having difficulties with section breaks in the internal files. It’s all trial and error.

I have ordered the proofs from Lulu and they should arrive in the next week or so. I will keep you all updated on this.

About a month ago Shannon Yarbrough of Lulu Book Review asked me if I would be interested in doing an interview with him. So stay tuned to Shannon’s site for this.

My next plans are to put ‘Trees’ out to commercial publishers over the next year and restart work on another novel ‘Shadow & Orchid’ over the next few months. ‘Filogree & Shadow’ should be available in about 4 to six weeks. Just click the link on the right hand side of the site to order your own copy.

My next article will be about the recent writers magizines that I have been reading.

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