Filigree & Shadow – Now Available – November 2008

Filigree & Shadow is now published and available for purchase in hardback, paperback and download from at my storefront. The link is to the right of this article. It should start appearing across all channels over the next few weeks in time for the Christmas market.

Things have really been tight and busy over the past few months and my workload with finalising Filigree & Shadow and other workloads have ultimately pushed the date back later than I had originally planned over the summer. In publishing this book, and as the year draws to a close, I feel in some ways that one period of my writing career has closed and another is soon to open.

Filigree & Shadow, a collection of short fiction, very much concludes a period of writing and publication of work which began as far back as 1988 and stretched through to the early 1990’s.

Here is an extract from the blurb of the book:

Filigree & Shadow is a journey and a quest into the imagination and the soul. It is a picture painted on a canvas and explored with every perception and sensation. You will be challenged to stand close to the canvas and see the minutest crack of paint, or cast an eye from afar at earthly and unearthly worlds.

In Arcadia, we are the astronomer and evolutionist; in The Eternal, we will move unnervingly like a spiritual physic between the world of the living and the dead; in The Spiraling of Winter Ghosts and Tisima, Tisima, we will stretch our fingers into a ghostly web of dream and childhood; in A Time, that Time and Hybrid, we journey into the landscapes of myth, fairytale and folklore; in Thais, we are at the mercy of our persecutors and the ravages of history and mankind.

For the first time in one volume, Mick Rooney’s prose is brought together in a fascinating exhibition of cruelty and beauty. Step inside…

With the publication this year of Filigree & Shadow and my novel, Academy, all my fiction over the past twenty years is available in two books for prosperity, something I have wanted to see for quite some time. I feel now I can properly concentrate on sending out my completed and unpublished novel ‘Trees’ to commercial publishers in early 2009, while also focusing on a uncompleted novel I started some five years ago.

I also intend to write more intensively for the blogsite on POD and the publishing world as I have done. I think there will be some very interesting changes and developments in the publishing world over the next 12 months and I will try to capture the essence of those changes as they happen.

This site grew out of a very simple idea last January, and it has simply grown and grown beyond anything I could have expected back then. You’ll forgive me with my outside workload if I at times struggle to keep up! Can I thank all those who visit and read this site and comment and correspond with me, in particular, Shannon Yarbrough of LuluBookReview who carried out a review of Academy and an interview. Like Shannon, many of you write, run your own sites, and work within the publishing business. Our paths regularly cross on forums network sites all over the Internet. Your input and appreciation is always welcome here, however diverse our opinions and points of view are about POD publishing and the publishing business in general.

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