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It must be something in the air this week. First Vook, now FastPencil has announced that its proprietary exclusive publishing platform will now be open to all authors and publishers.
FastPencil today announced that it is opening up its proprietary, exclusive and highly lauded next-generation publishing platform to authors, publishers and enterprises, enabling them to write, design, publish and sell books in print and digital formats. FastPencil provides these customers with solutions to publish quality books in any quantity with ease and control, higher margins and speed to market.
Enterprise Licenses Now Available
“FastPencil is proud to offer a customizable platform to create books, manage content and develop imprints with unique branding,” said Steve Wilson, CEO and co-founder of FastPencil. “In addition to our do-it-yourself author services, we have created a licensable platform that is customizable, making it easy to build a business, whether you are a publisher looking to publish a series of books on your own imprint or an enterprise looking to deploy a publishing solution company-wide.”
Companies can now license the FastPencil publishing engine to convert content to ebook and print formats instantly by using FastPencil’s proprietary book-building software, including secure version control and pre-established distribution and sales channels. By using FastPencil’s powerful technology, companies can cut costs, decrease time-to-market and publish books and ebooks with just a few clicks.
FastPencil Platform for Authors, Publishers and Enterprises
For Authors:
  • Create books and ebooks with complete control quickly and easily
  • Publish books under your own imprint for a more personalized look and feel
  • Leverage affordable author services to help you get the job done
For Publishers:
  • Small-publisher accounts offer secure and flexible, custom branded publishing
  • Cloud publishing platform means no software to download or manage
  • Affordable licensing opportunities available on a platform that is scalable no matter the size of the publisher or level of customization
For Enterprises:
  • Enterprise platform licensing now available for the first time
  • Co-brand or white-label to publish under company’s branded imprint
  • Freedom to deploy a customized FastPencil platform in the cloud or within their own data center
“With the new generation of publishing technology that is becoming available, many authors and content creators are demanding speed-to-market, instant ebook creation and higher margins, which can really only be achieved through technology streamlining the process,” said Michael Ashley, CTO and co-founder of FastPencil. “When we decided to open up our platform to publishers and enterprises, we instantly knew we had engineered something special. Publishers are telling us they have been looking for an efficient and simple way to publish and couldn’t be more excited with FastPencil’s platform.”
AvailabilityFor a demo or inquiries around FastPencil’s platform call 1-866-960-9401 or email
About FastPencilFastPencil powers publishing by enabling authors, publishers and enterprise customers to write, design, publish and sell books in print and digital formats through three publishing imprints: PREMIERE, Wavecrest and FastPencil’s next-generation collaboration and distribution solutions produce quality books at any volume with simplicity, control, speed to market and higher margins. FastPencil offers enterprises and publishers a customizable platform to create books, manage content and develop imprints for unique branding. FastPencil PREMIERE houses a world-class, exclusive line of general interest titles by best-selling authors. The Wavecrest imprint offers packaged services and bookstore exposure to professional writers who have a strong community following and is optimized for all do-it-yourself authors.
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