Fastpencil Launch Premiere Imprint for Best-Selling Authors and Self-Publishers

Fastpencil, an ebook distributor and publishing services provider, has launched a premium imprint aimed at established best-selling authors with sales of over 100,000 copies, and self-published authors with sales of over 10,000 copies. From the dedicated site for the new imprint the following:
FastPencil PREMIERE helps best-selling authors get their eBooks onto the iPad and Kindle fast and easy in addition to all the print book channels.
Top Authors
If you have sold over 100,000 copies of your books and would like to find a publisher that is faster, more flexible and profitable, give us a call. FastPencil PREMIERE is for you.
Emerging Talent
If you have self-published in the past and are experiencing great interest, a growing fan base and over 10,000 copies sold, give us a call. FastPencil PREMIERE is for you.
This looks like a pretty big move for Fastpencil since the company first began offering ebook distribution and publishing services.
Also from the Fastpencil Premiere site, the following about how authors can obtain the new service:
Publisher Connect
Have your Publisher contact us to work out a partnership. Publishers can work with FastPencil PREMIERE to coordinate eBook publishing and distribution deals. We can also work to handle backlist and out-of-print titles both as print-on-demand and eBooks.
Agent Connect
Have your Agent contact us to work out a partnership. We have flexible and simple contracts that make sense. We can work directly with your agent, or together with you to create a relationship that is easy and profitable for everyone.
Contact us for a direct relationship. Many top authors have written books that are outside their contract genre and want to try something different. FastPencil PREMIERE can help you review and collectively decide the best route to publish, whether eBook only or a full-court-press.
Here is the press release in full:
CAMPBELL, Calif., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — FastPencil today announced FastPencil Premiere (, a new and exclusive line of general interest titles that provides top-tier and best-selling authors a publishing home with all the benefits of FastPencil’s integrated suite of digital and social media publishing services to produce and publish the best in book content. Several best-selling authors are leveraging FastPencil Premiere to use its high-quality services to publish print and eBook versions of their titles in a simple, fast and top-quality fashion, while also gaining much higher royalties with more frequent payout.

“FastPencil exemplifies a fresh way of thinking during a transformative time in the industry and I’m very excited to be working with them,” said Guy Gilchrist, an award-winning cartoonist. “With their digital publishing tools they are able to provide me with unprecedented support, speed to market, higher royalty rates and more frequent payments – but best of all, the team at FastPencil is incredibly creative, responsive and professional.”

Gilchrist – a skilled cartoonist and children’s book author whose work includes the comic strip Nancy, Your Angels Speak, Night Lights & Pillow Fights, Screams, The Poetry Guy, The Muppets and The Rock Channel, has recently selected FastPencil to publish his cartoons in print and eBook formats and his latest book, The Best of Today’s Dog, is now available at FastPencil, Amazon and iBookstore.

FastPencil Premiere offers companies and organizations planning to launch new book publishing ventures the best in proprietary and pioneering technology and also plans to break and introduce top-notch new talent to the public. FastPencil’s digital and social media platforms provide incredible improvements and advantages over traditional publishing houses, including speed to market, transparency throughout the publishing process and a superior return on investment with a much larger share of royalties.

“More and more mid- and top-tier authors are using FastPencil and we have created a special place tailored to their needs,” said Steve Wilson, FastPencil co-founder and CEO. “Best-selling authors no longer need to line up for the tedious traditional publishing “go to market” plan – and instead can take back control of their work and reap all the benefits along the way.”

In utilizing a next-generation digital publisher such as FastPencil, authors have the opportunity to move swiftly through the book writing and publishing process. FastPencil provides professional design templates, robust import and tools and collaboration features enabling authors to invite editors and their book design team into the project no matter where they are geographically before moving into distribution. FastPencil’s concierge team can provide custom design, editing and marketing services and the publishing wizard ensures that all of the important details in publishing are taken care of including table of contents, ISBN, dedications and copyright details.

At FastPencil authors can sell more books and maintain complete control of content creation, price, distribution decisions and sales activity. FastPencil’s relationships with thousands of book and eBook retailers ensures that each of their authors’ books are available to the broadest possible audience and the write-once, publish anywhere approach guarantees their books can be read anywhere today and in the future.

FastPencil Features:

•Free book writing tools

•Professional book design templates

•Import manuscripts, turn blogs to books or write collaborative stories

•Connect and share through Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and MSN

•Author concierge services including consulting, design services and formatting

•Collaborate with your book creation team, personal network of friends or industry professionals

•Integrated self-publishing wizard for step-by-step assistance

•Print on Demand or to eBook formats

•Wide distribution including iBookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About FastPencil

FastPencil is leveraging the disruptive trends of self-publishing, social media, print-on-demand and eBook distribution to deliver a new unified online service that streamlines the book publishing process offering more control and higher margins for authors. The FastPencil writing and publishing service enables authors to create books online, collaborate, publish and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution. For more information please visit

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