Facebook Changes For TIPM

Over the next week or two, The Independent Publishing Magazine’s Facebook page will be retired and deleted. In truth, the vast majority of readers of the magazine have been incredibly supportive and engaged in a great deal of comment and debate on all the news, issues and reviews brought to you. But you have all stuck steadfast to the home where much of it all began – here at home of The Independent Publishing Magazine, and also my Facebook Profile page. I understand that, and for that reason I see no real need to have a specific fan page for the magazine, which in reality became nothing more than an aggregation site on Facebook.
In light of this, my Facebook Profile page has grown and grown over the past two years – in particular – since I introduced The Independent Magazine content feeds to it three years ago. After some discussions with FB’s Developer Support Team today, I’ve taken the decision to convert my FB profile over to an author and editor fan page for TIPM and my books. That ‘porting’ took place just before midnight, March 28th, and 95% of my ‘Friends’ list has transferred successfully across to the new author fan page. I’m told by FB Developers that the loss of ‘Friends’ during conversion is usually down to users who have discontinued or deleted their FB profiles. The conversion was always something I was going to have to deal with as my FB Profile was quickly reaching the limit allowed (5000). I’d rather act early with some discomfort and background work to do to re-install the aggregation, carry out some redesign, than have to face it eventually six months down the line.
Yes, the biggest lost tonight with the FB Profile converting to a fan page is the loss of archive material and photo material. All of this was backed up earlier today, but too many man hours would be required to reload to the new page.
Bear with me over the next two weeks while we get the new timeline page up and going with a great deal more flexibility. If you fell between the cracks for whatever reason, accept my apologies, and ‘like’ the new page.
Onward and upward… 
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