Facebook Changes For The Independent Publishing Magazine

Okay. One last time. I appreciate the recent shakeup on Facebook has irked some followers and confused others. Last weekend my main profile on Facebook was converted from a profile to a page (the ones you like).  I won’t appear anymore in your’ friend’ list, but the new page for The Independent Publishing Magazine should still be in your news feed for the latest postings. The page is now linked directly and displayed to the left. I have not disappeared or took up sheep farming on a remote island. I still have a personal profile for family and friends. That profile is now ‘locked down’ and only visible to them. It simply became too difficult to connect with family and friends on a profile with 4500 followers. I’ve sent out most of the requests for the personal profile and I am working through the last of the list. Send me a request if you would like to be included there. You won’t find anything to do with publishing, books, writing, but more mundane stuff like the state of the Irish economy, what interests me and what I am passionate about outside of the world of books and writing.
To ‘Brian’; I’m delighted the salsa classes are going so well, but I doubt if the majority of ‘likes’ on The Independent Publishing Magazine really are going to join you next Monday for classes despite the link you shared. Thanks for letting us know anyway. Incidentally, I deleted the share invite, because I reckon the local salsa hall won’t cope with the masses already planning on visiting.
For those on the personal profile wondering ‘what’s with it?’ I know. I’m still liasing with FB support as to why the Timeline has yet to kick in there. I’m advised, new profiles won’t show it for another week. Hang in there; I’ve some nice stuff once that’s updated and in place.
For now, I’m leaving the hurly-burly and taking some much needed time out over this Easter holiday. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends.
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