Faber Liberates The ebook

Independent book publisher Faber is one of one of those to watch for new trends and different approaches to publishing. On April 27th, they will release the ebook, ‘What Price Liberty?’ by Ben Wilson, inviting buyers to pay what they deem appropriate, even if that means the download is for free. The book itself deals with the historical attacks on civil liberties in Britain and how we need to carve a different kind of liberty for today’s modern Britain.

While the idea of giving a book away for free it not new, asking buyers to place their own price on it is certainly novel! Whatever prices are paid for the download, Faber is hopeful that this initiative will raise the profile of the book when the paper version is released.

The downloadable version will be available from the promotional site at:


Faber marketing are hoping to garner some insight into the effects of sales on ebooks. And even more novel will be the ability for a buyer to return and increase the price they paid after reading the book!


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