Erza Pound, Richard Nash and the Literary Movements of Past and Future

Richard Nash’s big bet: What if literature and Big Publishing must finally part ways? | Capital New York:

This is a fascinating piece by Gillian Reagan in Capital New York on former Soft Skull Press owner Richard Nash, now running Cursor and it’s innovative community imprint Red Lemonade. I see a great deal of similarity in what Nash is doing with this new imprint, and sometimes I wonder if we are not looking at a modern day 21st century digital Ezra Pound.

“The website allows writers to self-publish to the site right alongside the works of published authors, including Tillman, and get feedback from other writers, published and otherwise, on their work. They can highlight sections and make notes about passages in any of the work, sharing a kind of digital marginalia with their fellow users directly on the site. They can also buy each others’ work in digital and print form; promote readings at cafes and bookstores; and get advice and support from the online community as they write drafts.”

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