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Eprint is a printer and offer author solution services for authors who want to self-publish. The company is based in Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland and has been in business for 14 years. Eprint support their own on line bookstore and feature several tiles on the main webpage.

“Whether you want to publish a book to give to your family and friends on a special occasion[sic], or for general release eprint can help you to fulfil this dream and guide you every step of the way”

What struck me quickly about a company who offer print solutions was the lack of definition and resolution to the images of books on the website. Some of the images are poor and that is never a good sign to start with. The website of any company trading and advertising on line is their own shop window and the place where a company makes its first impression.

“Eprint limited is located in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland. We are an Irish company providing an all- inclusive print & self-publishing service to the public, allowing your book to be produced, sold online and distributed, with royalty payments made to you.

Eprint offer a complete self-publishing service and can produce professionally printed and bound paperback or hard cover books in quantities from as little as 50. We also provide assistance with design and layout and will produce a suitable cover to suit your budget.”
Files submitted to Eprint should be in Word, Quark or PDF format. Ideally, if submitting PDF files, they should be in the final trim dimensions of the printed book. Eprint can provide a unique full colour cover if the author has not provided one. Eprint can also provide an author with ISBN allocation, legal deposit, full internal layout, royalty payments, online listing and online database listing, as well as a choice of several bindings;

“Our bindery department is capable of producing any binding style you might need. Quality and strength are the cornerstones of all the bindings we produce.”

According to company director, Barry O’Brien.

“We are first and foremost a producer and printer of books, and we also offer a general printing service to our varied customer base. We don’t do “packages” as offered by other companies, as we feel this leads to confusion. We like to be as flexible as possible in our offering to our clients, as their familiarity with technology and file creation, and their individual needs vary considerably. Our emphasis is on producing a high quality product at a reasonable cost, whilst supporting and assisting the author. We supply ISBN/Barcode as part of the service, at no additional cost.”

Authors should note that Eprint is not a publisher offering print on demand author solutions—it is a print solutions company. While the company will assist, guide and advise an author on their book, it will not provide editing or manuscript evaluation services. The company will produce your printed book in a variety of bindings and sizes; make it available for purchase at on line retailers, but it is not in business to market an author’s book. This is reflected in the fact that the self publishing service is relatively recent and the company has just three books listed under Eprint on Amazon, though many authors now approach author solutions companies with their own ISBN’s.
For 20% of the retail price of a book, Eprint will list the book on their website and process orders and effect payment and distribution of copies worldwide. For orders in excess of 100 books, the company will design and supply posters and bookmarks free of charge for an author to aid the marketing and promotion of the author’s book.
Barry O’Brien adds;

“Getting your book into print with eprint will first and foremost be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The control of the process is with the author. The ownership of the book produced is with the author. All rights, etc. remain with the author. Most importantly, the author will have a book that reflects the time and effort that has gone into it, so that it can stand comparison with any quality produced book in the market.”

Authors considering using Eprint should contact the company detailing their book project and request a quotation as not prices or examples are provided on their website. Authors should also request details of their royalty payments.
RATING: 6.2/10
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