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Have you heard the one about the man who goes into his local bookstore and asks the assistant, ‘where are all those ebooks I keep hearing about? I can’t find a single one on any of your shelves.’ Well, the store assistant might have laughed, but Boxette, a Manchester UK-based ebook production company, is not not laughing at all. Though, it might be if their ebook ‘Boxette’ products take off.
What’s a Boxette?
It’s an ebook in a box, saved in several formats on a USB stick. The ebook can be loaded directly to your PC or ereader and currently comes in Kindle (Mobi), ePub and PDF formats. Boxette, a division of This Written Word, intends to get the ebook product stocked in brick and mortar stores like Waterstones and WH Smith. Each Boxette comes in a presentation gift box styled in the shape of a book and complete with a USB stick and 24-page biographical booklet about the author.
Boxette was only founded in January of this year by Neil Porteous, a director of This Written Word, with the help of funding from the UK government. The first book, a Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary Collection, will be offically launched in September this year with a retail price of £19.99 and will be initially available through another recent start-up, Zola Books, a New York-based social ereader and bookstore originally launched to aid independent booksellers when the Google eBooks re-seller program ends in January 2013.
Boxette will be relying heavily on the idea of books as unique physical gifts for the success of this venture. I can see a multitude of crossover products from the art and educational wold working with this type of format as long as it is marketed widely and Boxette is prepared to be flexible with the original concept. 
Boxette say that future releases will include The Sherlock Holmes Collection, HG Wells and Beatrix Potter, together with collections from contemporary writers.
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