Dotterel Press – Overview

Dotterel Press is a very small press in the UK founded in 2009 by Tim Atkinson and Gareth Dearson. They describe Dotterel Press as a social enterprise initiative designed to help bring new and talented authors to the attention of a small, discerning readership.

“We aim to to sow the seeds of a successful writing career by helping writers achieve the coveted status of a ‘published author’”.

Tim Atkinson recently explained the philosophy behind Dotterel Press, being very clear to point out that the press requires not money from the authors they will publish, but in turn; ‘we don’t charge anything, but we don’t make money for authors either.’ Dotterel Press donate all money earned from the sales of books to charities nominated by their authors once the initial cost of publishing a book has been met. The non-profit model is not dissimilar to Concord Free Press – a US small press that sends patrons a free book from their published list once the patron makes a donation to charity. Surprising, this model of publishing for non profit has lead to some high quality books from Concord Free Press.

“If you’ve written a book that’s worth reading and you want to see your book in print, get in touch. We accept books of all and every genre. We don’t aim to make money, either for ourselves or for our authors, but we do aim to raise funds for a nominated charity with each of our titles. Maybe you’d like to suggest which cause you’d like to benefit from sales of your book?
Our promise is a small, high-quality print-run with direct sales and on-line distribution. Dotterel Press is aiming for a niche market: high quality writing, authors with something new and exciting to say, books that the marketing departments of big publishers can’t take a risk on.”
Dotterel Press used a combination of short-run printing and POD (print on demand) to publish books. Although in operation since 2009, Dotterel has only published two of Atkinson’s titles and that perhaps reflects the quandary facing new and established authors looking at a venture like Dotterel Press. For such ventures to work well and be successful, ideally there needs to be a fine balance of the new and the established author, and more so the established and recognised author to launch a non-profit press where there is no financial return for the author.

“The days when a publisher would gently ‘grow’ an author, helping establish his or her career are long gone.
Dotterel Press aims to put that right. At the same time we want to help out people less fortunate than those of us who read and write (and publish) books. So once our costs are covered, royalties are donated to a variety of worthy causes.”
Dotterel Press is open to submissions from new authors in all genres with a particular slant on a work that is different; ‘something that could only have been written by you, something that no other author could have written. In other words, we’re looking for something original.’

“Our production and editing standards are high. Using a combination of short-run printing and POD publication we aim to keep costs low and raise as much money as we can for charity. We don’t pay royalties. What we do is give you the opportunity – at no cost to yourself – to achieve the coveted prize of becoming a published author.”

For further detail go to the Dotterel Press contact page for precise submission details.

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