Digital Book World | Interview with Ingram’s David Prichard

Digital Book World has an interview below with David Prichard, CEO of Ingram Book Group (they own Lightning Source and the largest book distributor and wholesaler in the USA).

From the interview:

A day will come, I believe, that you’ll be reading your digital reader and you decide “I would rather have a printed copy” and you might hit a button on that digital reader, or your iPad, or your Kindle, or what have you, or your Nook, and you might get a physical copy the next day delivered to your home. People say “Well, digital is getting rid of print.” That’s not happening. Anybody who thinks that’s happening only needs to go back to the predictions of the Paperless Office. I think I have more paper in my office than ever before. Print is going to coexist with digital for a long time.

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