Did Lulu Get a Shed-Load of iPads with Apple Deal?!

Looks like Lulu got a shed-load of free iPads after this week’s agreement with Apple. Their latest ‘fantastic’ offer to celebrate ‘the momentous occasion’ is a free iPad with three promotional publishing packages. I’m not sure if the ‘momentous occasion’ is their deal with Apple, though, I suspect they mean the release of the iPad itself. Still, the packages might be pretty, pretty steep at the prices listed below, but there isn’t too many author solutions services offering free iPads. Remember, authors, read the fine print and know the full details of any of three ‘Star iPad’ packages. This is a limited offer for a few days and is strictly for US based customers.

“Ready to publish your next book? Let us help. Lulu’s all-Inclusive Publishing Packages are fantastic for getting the professional pre-publishing services your book deserves. Our publishing experts will make your title bookstore-ready and, for a limited time, we’ll help you celebrate the momentous occasion with a free iPad!”

Overview of promotional offers.

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