Dear Publisher, did you see my tweet?

The strength of Twitter as a focus network has really started to come into its own this week in the general publishing and writing worlds. Yesterday, FutureBook, a digital blog association with The Bookseller, explained the significance of the Twitter hashtag, #dearpublisher, which has now seen the emergence of further hashtags like #dearbookseller, #dearauthor and #dearreader.

“Her tweet [Jen Northington] was soon noticed by Harper Collins‘ trade imprint Harper Perennial, who suggested she use the hashtag #dearpublishers to vent her frustrations. Within a few hours, the tag had been widely adopted, not only by booksellers, but also by readers, authors, bloggers, and the many other tribes of literary twitter types, all expressing their own particular requests, opinions, and annoyances. And as a number of publishers followed the lead of Harper Perennials and joined in the conversation, what had begun as a very specific complaint rapidly became a wide-ranging discussion of the needs of a wide cross-section of the publishing world.”
You can follow the above mentioned hashtags listed below:
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