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Devon Glenn over on Digital Book World has put together a useful Self-Publishing Guide for authors exploring solutions services. It is a reasonably objective guide, presenting factual data by way of a comparison spreadsheet. But if I do have some reservations. It is far from complete and really just scratches the surface as a first-stop guide for authors, featuring just thirteen companies (if you count ASI’s suite of individual imprint services as one goliath) with a slant toward the more recent digital services and platforms like Amazon Kindle, Bookbaby, Smashwords, PubIt and Vook. I still think an author starting out with this guide would need to do a great deal more drilling down into the nitty-gritty of each of the listed companies as well as what is available beyond the listed companies.

“Self-publishing services are designed for a large number of clients who have relatively small budgets. As with the yellow pages, there is a lot of up-selling and packaging of individual services. But that’s not to say that the services aren’t valuable.

Marketing options range from email blasts to contacts in the media, book trailers, book tours and other events, ads in magazines and trade publications, professional reviews and even, as is the case with Outskirts Press, advice on how to solicit endorsements from celebrities.”    

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