David Jones – Self Publisher, Jobless and Proud

I’ve touched quite a bit on this site about the effects of the economic downturn on publishing. Well, today is a new and optimistic day for self published author David Jones. Just a few weeks ago, David Jones was working away in a furniture company, oblivious to the changes about to occur in his life.

David moved from London to Ireland in 1986. He lives in County Meath, is separated and has three children. David has had a varied working career including jobs as a factory manager, a building worker and a part time counsellor. In January 2009, without warning, his employers told him there was no more work. He had never been unemployed before. And so, while the bills piled up and he signed on for unemployment benefit, a change of events began.

Today, David Jones self publishes his ebook “Oh No: I’ve Lost My Job What Am I Going To Do? – The Survivors Guide to Unemployment.” under his own imprint ‘Jones Press’ to help people like him who have lost their jobs and become unemployed. To help with the marketing and push on sales, he has spent the past three weeks setting up a website, blog and forum on the issues and challenges facing people who find themselves unemployed. He also hoped the book might earn him some desperately needed money. He had always had a dream of writing. Unemployment simply gave him the avenue to do it.



On Tuesday 10th, February 2009, David Jones appeared on the Breakfast Show on Newstalk Radio and spoke about this book he had written in just four days and four nights. He mentioned that he was planning to set up his own website to help distribute his self-published book. Several publishers were made aware of the 12,000 word self help book on unemployment, but Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting was one of the first to act. She contacted the show and offered David Jones her help.

So moved and inspired by David’s story of writing a book on a complexed self-help area much neglected in just four days, she decided that she could deliver him a free website in the same amount of time. Others quickly came on board the ebook project with equal free generosity.

Things are becoming pretty fast-paced for David. At lunchtime today, Irish TV broadcaster, TV3, is also interviewing him.

David’s inspiration for writing the book came from an innate will to help people who find themselves unemployed, particularly for the first time. His ebook is filled with self-help tips from coping mechanisms, dealing with rising debt, resources and guidance on seeking another job. Just for today, the ebook is available for free download for his site, and thereafter for 4.99 euro.

In struggling economic times David Jones is a testament in turning adversity into adventure, and hopefully, for him, success.

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