Darwin and The Evolution of Publishing

Every time a great beast steps forward and takes a bite from the fruit – the beast grows a tiny bit bigger and the fruit is diminished a little more. I could be speaking about how self-publishing is slowly making its way inside the great whale that is commercial publishing. The true guide line of what self-publishing really is continues to be blurred. I’ve almost given up on trying to redefine or re-establish what it really means. Right now – it means all things to everyone, and yet, no one. There is also the adage that the fruit never falls far from the tree. I suppose that distance can also be measured by how hungry and desperate you are too. Commercial publishing can be just as hungry and desperate for the fruit as the ‘indie’ author. What is clear now is that they both occupy the same planes and forests. I’m just trying to figure out who is better using the publishing food chain in all of this.
The wider publishing industry has long survived dominant in their environment and on a diet of excess—well-fed—but not necessarily healthy. The indie animal has learned by deft stealth to live on meagre scraps—close to the food source—but never becoming an absolute part of it. In indie land; the dung hill can be plateau or splateau; the tossed crumbs – a travelling lunch or a boulder of granite.
If Darwin were a publisher – he’d have figured all this out
…somewhere in the embryonic, messy sea of published words
Of what came first – publisher or author?
…and who should really be eating who.
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