Dan Poynter Interviewed by Smashwords

Smashworlds, an on line ebook seller has just done an interview with self publishing guru, Dan Poynter. He has just published his acclaimed “Self-Publishing Manual – Volume 2”.

In the interview, he discusses the future of publishing and how self published authors may have the upper hand on the traditional publishing world through their active use of social networking.

Poynter predicts that we will see a publishing future where there are smaller advances, the elimination of book returns and a continued rise in ebooks. Interestingly, Poynter believes that the economic downturn will not be responsible for these changes, but rather, force publishers to re-examine their approach to the ‘paper book’ being sacred and the manner in which publishers promote books.

You can read the full interview at Smashwords here.

Dan Poynter’s own Para publishing site can be found here.

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