Curtis Brown Books Department MD Geller Responds to CBC Criticism

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Extract Quotes:

“Frankly, not the debate I anticipated. Should a writer write with the industry in mind? Will we be grooming a new breed of formulaic writers? These are the questions I expected to debate.”

“Paying for access? No. We still are one of the few agencies that accept and welcome unsolicited manuscripts – 200 a week is our average. We are committed to discovering new talent, supporting our authors and providing career management. We have an incredible track record with new writers; this year we represented the best selling debut novel by a UK writer, Rosamund Lupton’s Sister.”

“With less time spent on editing, publishers are taking on fewer debut writers every year and there is less chance of publishers buying books that are not 100% perfect. We recognised that many manuscripts were falling at the first hurdle. So, why not get involved earlier in the process?”

“So, the fee. It will cover our tutorial costs. Our fee is comparable with the other top courses available (20% VAT has to be included too which pushes cost higher). In fact, authors seeking editorial advice can pay upwards of £400 for a one-off report. This is not a money making venture.”

“Will writers be compelled to be represented by CB? Of course not. The agent/author relationship is based on mutual trust and a deep bond between author and agent. The agency and the course are separate and distinct.

Publishing is often viewed as a closed door. With this course, we are opening it.”

Jonny Geller, Book Department Managing Director, Curtis Brown UK.
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