Creative Writing Courses | BBC Radio 4 – You & Yours

There was an interesting discussion on today’s edition of the BBC Radio 4 consumer programme You & Yours about creative writing courses, and specifically those run by big publishers like Faber and Bloomsbury. Liz Thomson of Bookbrunch and Jason Cooper of the Faber Academy appeared on the programme and expressed very different views. Thomson considers some of these types of writing courses as misleading, a conflict of interest for publishers, and potentially amounting to nothing more than additional publisher revenue streams, while Cooper of Faber defended the use of such creative programmes by publishers.
Writing courses and workshops run by writing organisations and universities are nothing new, but we are seeing more publishers and agents move into this area, particularly in the UK. It is also interesting that the You & Yours discussion seemed to raise many of the same arguments so familiar in the self and traditional publishing communities regarding established publishers developing self-publishing partnerships and imprints offering author services.

It struck me as well that UK publishers have been more subtle and circumspect about their entry into the author services market than their US cousins.

You can listen to the six minute piece first broadcast by the BBC, today, April 29th, on this link.  

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