CreateSpace And Booksurge Unite Under One Brand

Self-publishing authors may see CreateSpace and Booksurge as two distinctly different companies, but both brands are run by On-Demand Publishing, who are in turn a subsidiary of Amazon. The announcement of the merging of CreateSpace and Booksurge comes as no great surprise, and if anything, should have happened more than a year ago considering CreateSpace has become the real rising star and the choice of many self-publishing authors.

The merger of the two brands will have more effect with Booksurge authors in the coming transitional months. This from the announcement on

CreateSpace will soon become the dedicated publishing and print on-demand platform for all BookSurge and CreateSpace authors and publishers. BookSurge and CreateSpace have historically operated as two distinct brands of one company—On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of, Inc.—and are now uniting on the CreateSpace platform and brand.

During the coming months, we will be transitioning all BookSurge accounts to CreateSpace, after which the BookSurge brand will be retired. In addition, BookSurge’s publishing services are now available on the CreateSpace platform, enabling CreateSpace members to benefit from the same knowledgeable staff that has supported BookSurge members for years.

How do BookSurge authors benefit from this transition?

In addition to the same personal care, professional publishing services, and top-notch print quality you receive today from the BookSurge team, you will also receive these new benefits and options through CreateSpace:

Get more flexibility in setting royalties and list prices

Publish new books without setup fees, using the do-it-yourself option for print-ready PDF files or continue to take advantage of the same wide array of professional fee-based publishing services you’re accustomed to through BookSurge

Receive better wholesale book prices for most book orders via the CreateSpace Pro Plan

Gather feedback on works with our free Preview tool

Create eye-catching book covers online using the free Cover Creator

Network with thousands of other authors and industry professionals in our free online CreateSpace Community

Publish video and audio in multiple formats: DVDs, CDs, video downloads, and MP3s

How do BookSurge publishers benefit from this transition?

Through the CreateSpace platform, publishers are enjoying enhanced features, services and functionality:

Stay up to speed on title performance with enhanced reporting functionality that allows publishers to schedule daily, weekly or monthly royalty reports

Order copies of titles and easily track the progress of orders

Manage entire content portfolios through one easy-to-use web interface

Access our Preview Gallery to share content and gather feedback directly from other CreateSpace members

Receive real-time alerts and updates on orders and account-related information through a personal Message Center

Create eye-catching book covers online using the free Cover Creator

Will the transition affect current CreateSpace members?

CreateSpace member accounts and titles will not be affected by the transition of BookSurge members to the CreateSpace platform. With the addition of BookSurge authors and publishers, CreateSpace members will now have access to an even larger network of peers on the CreateSpace Community.

We believe uniting BookSurge and CreateSpace on the CreateSpace platform will provide members the best possible publishing experience and look forward to continuing our support of our members’ publishing endeavors.

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