Copyright Registration and Library Catalogue Number – The Real Deals

At certain times of the financial year, usually Jan/Feb, publishers like all companies take a close look at their budgets. Many will be taking a look and revising them more than once this year. So it came as no surprise to get the following email from Gail Warren of AuthorHouse UK informing me of a not to be missed opportunity.

(email content)

Dear Mick,

Our prices have remained unchanged for two years.
In just a few weeks, we’re going to introduce new pricing. So if you want to get published in 2009 with our current prices, you must act now!

I think this is the nice advertising way to say ‘we’re putting our prices up’. So best to turn potential adversity into opportunity.

On June 1st, we will be revising the price of our publishing packages, for example the price of our standard package will increase from £645 to £795.

Yikes! That is an increase of £150, or about 22%. And take note – we are talking British sterling, not dollars!

Of course from June 1st, £795 will still be fantastic value for getting your book published but if you sign up to start your publishing journey in May, you can save money by taking advantage of our current prices.

Yes, of course, but I’m not sure who AuthorHouse is trying to convince the most about their fantastic value package – themselves or us!

For May only, for £645 AuthorHouse will:
Prepare your book for distribution as a black-and-white quality trade paperback.
Design a full-colour cover for your book.
Assign an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for your book.
Register UK copyright for your book.
Register your book with distributors, making it available for sale via “print-on-demand” technology through 25,000 retailers in the UK and US.
Offer you a choice of royalties.
Enable you to purchase copies of your book at a heavily discounted price.

Don’t put off publishing any longer. Take advantage of these limited-time prices now and make this a month to remember! Call me now to save money publishing your work.

Gail Warren, AuthorHouse UK.


And speaking of cost savings and keeping as much of your money as you can firmly in your pocket, here is another email I got from AuthorHouse’s sister company, iUniverse via their publishing consultant Ryan Hopkinson.

(email content)

Now that you’ve devoted a lot of time and serious thought to writing a book, what is keeping you from getting it published? At iUniverse, we would like to offer you a very special incentive to hurdle past whatever is keeping you from becoming a published author.

For this week only, publish your book with our team of industry professionals and we’ll include a bonus gift along with up to your age in free books! Call us today, and get one of the following bookselling services absolutely FREE with your publishing package:

Library of Congress Control Number – $75

U.S. Copyright Registration – $170 (two copies of your book sent)“

Ryan Hopkinson
Your iUniverse Publishing Consultant

(Now the free books is pretty good, so fair play iUniverse. But I wonder if they’ll believe I’m eighty years of age!)


Along with my eighty books, it is nice to get a ‘free gift’ with any purchase, but you might be interested to know about the true cost behind the Library Control Number and library database listing as well as the Copyright Registration of books in the USA. Here the official line on them from the respective government sites.

How much does it cost to obtain a Preassigned Control Number (PCN)?
There is no charge for a Preassigned Control Number (PCN). However, participating publishers are obligated to send a complimentary copy of all books for which a Preassigned Control Number (PCN) was provided immediately upon publication. Publishers failing to meet this obligation may be suspended from the program. Please note that all books submitted to the Library of Congress in compliance with the PCN Program are property of the Library of Congress and therefore are not returnable.

Even with the cost of sending them the required copy of your book, it beats the $75 iUniverse want to charge for what is already free.

And check out the iUniverse mark up on the copyright.

How do I register my copyright?
To register a work, submit a completed application form, a nonrefundable filing fee, which is $35 if you register online or $45 if you register using a paper application; and a nonreturnable copy or copies of the work to be registered. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Registration Procedures.”

IUniverse include two copies sent for copyright registration, but normally charge $170!!

Author solution companies sometimes offer these as ‘additional services’ and the true self-publisher knows well to forgo them and carry out these necessary requirements themselves without paying a solution company through the nose. This is often why companies offer ‘publishing packages’ that can more easily conceal the real hidden cost the author is paying for free or cheaper services elsewhere .

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