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This is the era of digital marketing and among the different types of online marketing, content marketing reigns supreme. Along with social media marketing, content marketing has worked brilliantly to produce excellent results for companies both big and small. Content marketing is much subtler than other forms of marketing and is considered more trustworthy by the consumers. Another advantage of content marketing is that as consumers find it more trustworthy, they are more likely to suggest brands to their friends that are doing a good job with content marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.~ What is Content Marketing?

As a result, content marketing also leverages the power of word-of-mouth marketing for brands. The main aim of content marketing is not to promote the brand or its products, but to provide consumers with useful content. Its goal is to help brands in building loyalty and brand reputation. Also, content marketing is more cost-effective than traditional forms of marketing and this is why small businesses love content marketing. Content marketing may be new but it is getting popular quickly. People or consumers want high quality content and the content used for content marketing often rivals those of journalistic publications.
Publishing industry and content marketing
Many industries like retail, e-commerce and consumer goods have benefited immensely from content marketing. In the publishing industry, although there are a few brands that are well known for their content marketing efforts like Forbes and the Atlantic, not every brand has jumped on the content marketing bandwagon. This is a mystery as publishing companies have the experience and the talent to create as well as publish high quality, original content. The publishing industry has been creating and distributing content, in the form of music, textual content and information for hundreds of years, which is very similar to what content marketing is.
This is why, content marketing should be extremely easy for the publishing industry as brands in the publishing industry already know how to create and publish unique content. Brands in the publishing industry already have a head-start as they already have the content and all they have to do it publish them online in a way to subtly promote the brands. Here are some tips for publishing brands to get into the content marketing world and to find success with content marketing.
Tips for publishing brands
• Use in-house talent
Publishing firms like magazine publications and news agencies have a wealth of in-house talent to create content for them. Unlike brands in other industries, they do not have to hire external content writers or content writing firms to write content for them. In fact, such publishing brands boast of some of the best journalists, editors and designers. in their companies, who know exactly how to create top quality, unique and attractive content. Some of the best publishing brands that are also succeeding in content marketing ensure that their in-house personnel create high quality content for them.
One such publishing brand is Forbes where their in-house journalists and experts create content for the brand that is published on their website. As the content is created by journalists and industry experts, their articles get a lot of exposure and engagement. Using in -house writers to create content not only saves the publishing brand a lot of money, but it also allows writers to get more bylines and wide reach. Often times, certain authors become quite famous and earn a loyal following.
• Create mobile-friendly content
The use of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and e-readers is increasing by leaps and bounds – the rate of adoption of mobile devices is much faster than that of laptops or PCs. People these days are on the go and they want to be able to surf the internet and catch up on useful information while they are out and about. Even mobile devices are getting smarter and more technologically advanced these days.
Publishing brands must make sure that any kind of content that they create – be it articles, videos, podcasts, music files, audio files, infographics, reports and so on are all mobile-friendly. This means that consumers should be able to consume the content very easily though their smartphones, tablets and ebooks. Content creators and publishers for publishing brands must keep in mind that the internet bandwidth can be much smaller on mobile devices so they should ensure that their content loads quickly even with low bandwidths and does not create any inconvenience to the readers. Content should also be structured in a simplistic manner that is easy on the eyes.
One mobile device that publishing companies must cater to is the e-reader. These e-readers may most probably replace books in the future. Ebooks are a must for publishing brands and they must be able to create as well as publish ebooks that are of the same quality as the printed books.
• Cater to different e-readers
Even when it comes to just e-readers, there are many different types with different operating systems, screen sizes and features. This holds true for any kind of electronic mobile device. The screen sizes can be mind boggling. However, publishing companies must make sure that their content is visible on and is compatible with almost all kinds of mobile devices and e-readers.
To ensure that their content is fully compatible with various mobile devices, publishing companies must make sure to test their content on various devices. They should also hire IT professionals and web designers to ensure that all kinds of digital content readers get access to the information brands intend to pass about their products or services
• Sponsored content
This is the age of non-disruptive advertising and one way to do so is by using sponsored content. Forbes is the pioneer when it comes to sponsored content and has contracts with big advertisers like Dell, Microsoft and NetApp to create as well as publish sponsored content. However, when publishing companies decide to allow sponsored content on their websites and other publishing channels, they must make sure to tag the content as sponsored content so consumers or readers are aware about it.
Author Bio

Jessica Davis is a Content Strategist at Godot Media, a leading content marketing firm. She works with businesses and individuals creating targeted content for various requirements. She also manages a team of article writers in Godot. Other areas of interest include technology, science and fashion.

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