Congratulation KJ Kron! | Slush Pile Reader the blog

Congratulation KJ Kron! Slush Pile Reader the blog

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, author KJ Kron will be offered a publishing contract by Slush Pile Reader. From their blog:
Karl J. Kronlage’s manuscript St. Peter Killed God has been voted to the top of the pile!

Slush Pile Reader will now offer Karl a deal and if he accepts the excitment will begin:

St. Peter Killed God will undergo an editing proess after which it will be published!

The manuscript will remain on Slush Pile Reader for those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to read, and/or vote, for it. Once it is published it will removed and available for sale, on Slush Pile Reader and elsewhere.

So, congratulation Karl! We look forward to an excellent, exciting cooperation!

We will keep everyone updated on the process through the Slush Pile Reader blog. We hope you will help us and Karl promote his book and of course, read and enjoy it yourselves. Please leave comments after you have read it!
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