Coming Your Way…Soon

Some of you will be aware that I have been concentrating much of my review efforts on author solution services in the UK for the past six months or so due to a book I am currently compiling on the self-publishing market there. Well, I have completed all the reviews I will be doing there for the foreseeable time and it’s back to the other side of the pond.
Reviews of US author solution companies in the coming weeks include:
DogEar Publishing (never quite got why they thought it an appropiate name)
Infinity Publishing (one of the well established that got away the first time round)
Virtual Bookworm (we look at whether they are alive or dead)
Cold Tree Press
Lluminia Press
Universal Publishers
WingSpan Press
Wheatmark Publishing
…and many more. If you have your own experiences of these, feel free to share them with us.
We also intend to cointinue to highlight and expand on independent presses globally and how they run their businesses and carve out their own unique niches.
Stay tuned…

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