CJK Group Agree to Purchase of Printer and Self-Publishing Service Provider Thomson-Shore

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Thomson-Shore LogoFollowing a March Chapter 11 filing for bankruptcy, the CJK Group has agreed to the purchase of the assets of Michigan-based printer and self-publishing service provider Thomson-Shore. The employee-owned company has been in existence for 47 years and over the past ten years has expanded far beyond printing services into an array of offset, print-on-demand, handcrafted books, pre-production, and distribution services for large traditional publishers, small independent presses, and self-published authors.

In recent years, Thomson-Shore has slowly risen in our Publishing Service Index to reach the top ten. Expansion and the changes in the print and publishing world are always tough for a company to continue to carve out its place.

During the March bankruptcy filing, CJK provided debtor-in-possession financing and Thomson-Shore has continued with an a $8.2 million deposit.

Thomson-Shore had about 180 employees at the time of the Chapter 11 filing in March. One hundred employees have been offered positions with new owner CJK. According to Publishers Weekly, CJK CEO Chris Kurtzman said:

The addition of the Thomson-Shore equipment and the experienced employees to run it will help create capacity within our organization, and ultimately put the companies of CJK Group in a better position to help book publishers produce quality materials in a timely manner.

Please note that the Thomson-Shore website is currently unavailable as of May 13th and it is uncertain if the CJK Group intend continuing the self-publishing services program offered by Thomson-Shore.

I wish all of the staff of Thomson-Shore well in this transition period. But it is another reminder of the challenges in the print and publishing world.

RATING: 7.5 (OCTOBER 2019)

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