Chin Schedules Google Book Settlement Case For 2012 Trial

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The Google Book Settlement case looks set to move to trial in July 2012 after Judge Denny Chin today set a timeline for the plaintiffs to reach final submission and rebuttal. What was most significant from today’s status conference was the view from lawyers for the AAP (Association of American Publishers) and Google that progress was being made and the schedule laid out for a trial in 2012 may become ‘moot’, according to AAP attorney, Bruce Keller.
If we are to accept that optimistic note then the Authors Guild may find themselves walking a lone road next year. I’ve always believed the Google Book Settlement would boil down to an author v Google battle of wits, with publishers reaching an agreement of some kind that avoided a long drawn-out trial. Any settlement between Google and publishers was always going to last years as both sides came to terms with the changes and developments in the industry.
The next court date has been set for December, which is the due date a class certification brief from the plaintiffs, with Google’s own rebuttal coming in January 2012.
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