10 Underestimated Writing Blogs To Follow For Writing Tips – Julie Petersen | Guest Post

As a writer, it can be tempting to sign up for every writing blog you see. After all, you want to seek out as much information and advice as you can. You want to open your email, see a new post from one of your subscriptions, and be inspired. But how often do those emails […]

How to Become a Good Writer: Must-Follow Tips – Janice Kersh | Guest Post

There’s writing and there’s good writing. The difference is as wide as the Pacific. Good writing inspires, provokes revelations and evokes laughter, tears and goosebumps. Most great writers were not born great writers. They were made great by years of practice and labor. They worked to get better at writing. If you want to improve […]

101 Best Websites for Writers | Writer’s Digest

The Independent Publishing Magazine has been honoured as one of Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers in the May/June edition of their magazine. This is the third year in a row TIPM has made the list and of course we are delighted to hear about the continued recognition and support from our readers and subscribers. For the last 17 […]

University of Lancashire Launches MA Course in Self-Publishing

The University of Central Lancashire UK(UCLAN) will launch a master’s degree course in self-publishing in September this year for both full and part time students (1-2 years). There are similar courses like this in the USA without the degree,but this certainly looks to be the first of its kind in the UK. The UCLAN website […]

Creative Writing Courses | BBC Radio 4 – You & Yours

There was an interesting discussion on today’s edition of the BBC Radio 4 consumer programme You & Yours about creative writing courses, and specifically those run by big publishers like Faber and Bloomsbury. Liz Thomson of Bookbrunch and Jason Cooper of the Faber Academy appeared on the programme and expressed very different views. Thomson considers some of these types […]

Publetariat Omnibus Edition 2008-2012 | Now Available

Publetariat is an online community, resource centre and news hub for indie authors and small press imprints. Publetariat’s founder April Hamilton is celebrating its first four years with the release of the Publetariat Omnibus 2008-2012 in an ebook Kindle edition. The ebook features the best of Publetariat’s contributed articles over the four years from many leading voices across the indie […]

Independent Publishing: The Game Has Changed But The Values Have Not

About five years ago I was asked to give an address to a writers’ workshop in the west of Ireland about my experiences as an author and the world of self-publishing. I’d self-published five books at that stage through my own imprint and Facebook was an incidental college social experiment by the boy Zukerberg. A […]

Irish Pen Debate – March 8th, Dublin

Thursday, March 8, 2012 : The Irish PEN Debate : from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Dublin, Ireland | United Arts Club Traditional or self publishing? As publishing options change and more and more authors find success self publishing, what is the best option for authors? Traditional or self-publishing? As publishing options change and more and more authors find success […]