YouTubers Write Books – What to Learn from Them – Dustin Ford | Guest Post

YouTube is one of the most successful platforms at the moment. As more and more people turn to this channel for music, news or tips, many YouTubers get the chance to build a real career out of their passion for posting videos and more. A recent phenomenon that grabbed marketers and critics attention are YouTuber […]

Augmented Reality​ Reveals the Magic Hidden in Book Retail Spaces

Augmented Reality is by no means the newest (technology) kid on the block. Though it seems that we’re only now tapping into its true potential – to enable us to connect in a more immersive way with the world, brands and with each other. New Augmented Reality (AR) businesses are popping up everyday. Blippar for […]

More Self-Publishing Solutions From A Maturing Community

One of the real strengths of the self-publishing community is its ability to quickly identify its weaknesses and shortcomings and find cost-effective and workable solutions when authors globally share their experiences, information and resources. I’ve worked in a number of different sectors, from retail, artist management and promotion, through to publishing, but I don’t think […]

The Future of Publishing – DK Publishing UK

Dorling Kindersley (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It’s always worth giving DK Publishing‘s The Future of Publishing a reprise, now and again… Related articles Self-Publishing Summit planned for November Faber restructures ‘for future growth’ Disgruntled Self-Published Authors Launch Blog Indie Publishing Workshop at HNS London | Video by Richard Denning Amazon ‘charging publishers 20% for e-book VAT’ […]

What Types of Writing Services Do People Seek? | The Happy Guy Marketing

The Happy Guy Marketing is based in Canada and offers a host of writing, marketing, design and translation services. David Leonhardt is president of the company and over the past year he has been keeping track of queries for the company’s writing services and what people specifically were asking for. He has tabulated and made some of the results available. You can take […]