10 Common Habits of Successful Published Authors – John Cabrera | Guest Post

One of the most appealing aspects of becoming a writer is that for most it’s a pursuit of passion. From an immature I-got-A’s-in-all-my-English-classes standpoint it may seem like one of the easiest and enjoyable professions. This naivety is quickly defeated when a writer learns that, while there is a magic in writing, there is also […]

Bad Writing Tips from Famous Authors – Eva Creerson | Guest Post

Maybe you should kill all of your darlings, as the famous line misquoted to Stephen King goes, but the advice you are going to read here by other famous authors is undeniably poor. It is shoddy advice given to aspiring writers. Even though this is quoted to some of the world’s most successful authors, do […]

Develop Your Writing Style – Florence Mendoza | Guest Post

  As an author, your style is everything. When it comes to certain writers, style is something that readers will take note of before plot, characters, or any part of the actual substance of your writing. You don’t have to be a student of literature to see the differences in the writing styles of Ernest […]

Writing and Reading for Pleasure: Can You Teach Yourself to Write? | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his writing and reading for pleasure posts by posing the question — can you teach yourself to write?   Monday 1st June 2015 is the five-year anniversary of my frightening dream in the early hours in France when I started to write.  I will open a bottle of Clairette de Die to […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Advent Edition: Dec 8th – 24th | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham completes his 2014 advent post.    Monday, December 8th – Use different points of view and tenses Ever since reading about Joe Lampton… “There wasn’t a damn thing I couldn’t do!” in John Braine’s Room at the Top, I have loved using the first person in my writing. I do this almost by […]

Writing and reading for pleasure – Part Seven (Advent Edition: Dec 1st – 7th) | Douglas Burcham

Douglas Burcham continues his series: How to write fiction – Part two. Back to writing and reading for pleasure. I cannot put off the content of this writing for pleasure post any longer. The nitty-gritty technical aspects have to be faced. In the previous posts in this series I have urged readers thinking about being […]