Kindle 2 Launched By Amazon – The way forward for the e-reader? (Updated)

It seems the gathered publishing fraternity who turned up at the unveiling of Amazon’s new Kindle (Version 2) in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York city on Monday were more intrigued and quizzical, than necessarily bowled over by the new electronic edition to the Amazon family. Even host, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, and […]

Publishing Industry – Change or be Damned?

Over the past month, there has been considerable debate about the current state and future of the publishing industry across the internet on writer’s forums and blogsites. Some of the discussion was sparked by Boris Kachka’s recent article in the New York Magazine. A lot of the criticism of Kachka’s article seems to centre on […]

POD Publisher Book Ranking – Analysis

I want to have a look at what kinds of books sell best from POD publishers. I have selected five of the ‘heavy-hitters’ of POD publishers and listed their top five books by sales rank on this week. The publishers I have selected are: Outskirts PressAuthorhouseLuluIUniverseXlibris OUTSKIRTS PRESS1. How to Be A Super Hot […]

Amazon Forces POD Publishers to use Booksurge

This all seems to happened over the past 24 hours and several POD sites and forums are just starting to voice their reactions. It seems that Amazon have taken the bold business step of informing POD publishers as well as traditional publishers who use print-on-demand digital print technology that they will have to use Amazon’s […]

POD Subsidy Survey – Lynn Osterkamp (thepopulistpublisher)

Currently Lynn Osterkamp is conducting a survey for authors who have used pod subsidy publishers and would like their feed back. You can take part in this survey at the following link; Here are my generally posted comments about Lynn’s survey. I’m a little bemused as well about some of the negative criticism. I […]