Oscars At The IPPY Awards

The IPPY Awards are considered by some to be the Oscars of POD, Independent and Self-Publishing books. I’m not entirely sure I agree with this view considering there is a small fee for entry and many of the small presses are often born out of an author’s own self-publishing imprint (not a bad thing mind), […]

Borders; To Buy or Not to Buy

I’ve been talking in a number of articles recently about the downturn in publishing, and it seems not a day goes by that we don’t hear about another major publisher making cutbacks and laying off staff. Here are the latest publishing news layoffs as reported by theBookseller.com. http://www.thebookseller.com/news/72205-anova-trims-staff-and-books-at-portico.html Earlier this week, Morris Rosenthal on his […]

Adventures with Lulu-Part 2 – Update

Just a quick update on my last blog article. The Raider Publishing new release hardback title I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday morning on my doorstep. This book has the identifiable Lightning Source code on the rear blank pages. In short, this strengthens my suspicion that Lulu are indeed now using Booksurge for their printing. […]

Adventures with Lulu – Part 2

On Friday morning the proof copies of ‘Academy’ arrived back from Lulu, or rather, Lulu’s printers. Now, before I talk about the quality of the proofs, I think I should mention Lulu’s printers. Quite frankly, I don’t know who did the printing for this book! Most POD (print-on-demand) books, until recently have been printed by […]

Adventures with POD Publishing

As many of you know I’ve spent some time researching POD publishers prior to starting this blogsite. I said all along that I would allow the site to develop on its own merits, effectively letting it ‘have its head’. In tandem, I’ve written articles here about many POD topics, relevant and I hope helpful to […]