Raider Publishing Strikes Back!

Raider Publishing International appears to have begun a new charm offensive against its online critics and disgruntled authors over the past couple of months. We’ve chronicled Raider over the past few years from its inception as a promising and innovative publishing service for authors, through to its descent into overexpansion, puff and pastry, and poor reputation in the self-publishing […]

Ex-Freelancer and RPI Authors Prepare to File Petition with IC3

Readers of The Independent Publishing Magazine will know that we have reviewed and reported on the travails of U.S. publishing service provider Raider Publishing International (RPI) over several years. TIPM first reviewed RPI back in 2008. At the time I considered RPI to be innovative and something of a bright new star in the self-publishing […]

Guest Post: My Raider Publishing Experience | Jenni Boyd

TIPM continues to receive reports of negative experiences from authors who have dealt with Raider International Publishing. Here is just one account from author, Jenni Boyd. Hi, my name is Jenni Boyd. I wanted to share my story with other authors who have had their hopes dashed by constant rejection, forcing them to look at other […]

Raider International Publishing – Reviewed (Updated 2017)

Raider International publishing is an author solutions service offering a wide range of services to authors looking to publish a book. Raider has been around for seven years and the company was founded by Adam Salviani, a writer himself who set up the company following the ravages of publishing through PublishAmerica and Authorhouse. In hindsight, […]

Purehaven Press – Son of Raider!

About a year and a half ago, Raider International Publishing became the first self-publishing service reviewed by The Independent Publishing Magazine to be listed as ‘not recommended‘ and that decision came from a long list of author complaints I received about this publishing service over the past two years. Sad, because buried in Raider some years back […]

Raider International Publishing – The Endgame

We have been following Raider International Publishing even before the start of POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing. Here is the latest feedback from a contracted Raider author I received in what is now becoming a very long list of disgruntled authors. (Raider Review) “This is to mirror all comments above. I purchased the gold package […]

Timothy’s Thoughts: Review: Raider Publishing

Timothy’s Thoughts: Review: Raider Publishing “But I did see a few things that caused me to question whether they should be used. Primarily, their own website it what raised questions in my mind. In looking at the services they provide, they look very much like other subsidy presses, but the website itself looks cheap and […]

Raider International Publishing – Concerns

I am reposting this piece from almost one year ago. Simply, because the continued feedback I am receiving from authors who have used, or are in the process of using this publisher’s services, have continued to be negative. I see no evidence through the communications I have had with Raider authors, who have contacted me, that […]

Raider Founder Sets About Putting Things Right

Raider International Publishing (RAI 208.16) has been in the author solutions service business for five years. Actually, May 31st was the exact date of their foundation. Company owner and founder, Adam Salviani, made his annual address, and you can find that here. I have a lot of time for Raider International Publishing – their core approach […]