The Future of Publishing 2020: Disruption

I’ve been preparing these articles for a while on The Future of Publishing 2020. One thing I have learned is that predicting the future based on current practices and trends is a precarious business. The publishing industry–as a community and business–is undergoing an utter sea change in methodology and ideology not seen since Gutenberg’s first […] at LBF 2012 | Printers Are Not Publishing Services

A few years ago TIPM did do a full review of (owned by PrintonDemand Worldwide)and I later withdrew the review from the magazine for reasons explained here. So it was interesting when I learned a few months ago PrintonDemand would be a primary sponsor of the event. I should add that the PrintonDemand booth […]

Independent Publishing: The Game Has Changed But The Values Have Not

About five years ago I was asked to give an address to a writers’ workshop in the west of Ireland about my experiences as an author and the world of self-publishing. I’d self-published five books at that stage through my own imprint and Facebook was an incidental college social experiment by the boy Zukerberg. A […]

Guest Post | Amazon vs. Smashwords: Which Is Right for Your Book? | Sarah Rexman

Numerous writers have embraced e-book technology as a way to independently publish their books, reach new markets, and earn greater royalties for their work. Retail giant Amazon has long dominated the market for authors looking to self-publish their e-books, but it has quickly been followed by other e-book publishers, such as Smashwords, Lulu, and BookBaby. […]

RTE Liveline Self-Publishing in Ireland | Analysis and Review

Image via Wikipedia It’s always a very heartening experience for me to hear or meet self-published authors gathered in one place at a particular time, whether that space is face to face, or listening to the experiences of so many Irish self-published authors on Tuesday afternoon on Joe Duffy’s national Livelineprogramme on RTE. You can […]

RTE Radio 1: Liveline Special on Self-Publishing

It’s not too often when self-publishing and, in particular, self-published books, get a prime time radio spot and an entire programme dedicated to this area of publishing. For the second year RTE Radio‘s flagship afternoon Liveline show, presented by Joe Duffy, will focus on self-published books and authors. This is probably about as open an invitation any […]

John Boyne Hosts Information Day on Publishing at IRC

Award winning Irish novelist John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, will join a group of assembled speakers from the Irish publishing community for an information day on publishing. Boyne will host the event in conjunction with the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin this Saturday, March 20th. He is the full press release from […]