London Book Fair 2017: Quantum17 Voices [Video]

Here are some short videos of attendees and speakers sharing their thoughts on the publishing industry at today’s Quantum Conference, part of this year’s London Book Fair. The Quantum programme was refined for 2017 with a renewed focus on consumers, audiences, partnerships, actionable insights and inspiration.

Dutch Publisher A.W. Bruna | The Story Nobody Tells by Timo Boezeman | FutureBook

Timo Boezeman of Dutch publishing house, A. W. Bruna, tells us the story of what a modern publisher does over on FutureBook. “That we are experiencing turbulent times in the book world, is common knowledge to us all. The financial crisis, digitisation of our titles, foreign companies entering our markets and the growing trend of […]

Guest Post: Online Publishing with a Twist | Amanda Meuwissen of BigWorldNetwork

Combining ebooks, audiobooks and eventual paperbacks in episodic eSeries, may be the new television for books. Guest poster and Managing Editor at BWN, Amanda Meuwissen explains: is The eSeries Network, a new kind of publisher offering serialized online publication of fiction and non-fiction, audio versions of all eSeries episodes, and eventual compilations to […]

Publishing Innovators | Jerry D. Simmons – Author Advocate

Jerry D. Simmons has spent many years in the book publishing industry and I first came across him on Nothing Binding (a social network, resource for writers to communicate and sell their work) several years ago. He is an absolute hive of experience and has given many talks on the industry and delivered tutorials for self-publishing […]

Book Republic (Maverick House Publishing) – Overview (Updated 2013)

Book Republic was launched in 2010 and describes itself as a ’boutique’ imprint of Irish publisher Maverick House. Based in Dunboyne, Co Meath, Ireland, Book Republic’s operational model of publishing is different in several distinct ways to the standard model of publishing and is similar to Or Books and Publishr, and the now defunct HarperStudio. “What […]

Memeoirs: Emails to Book – Overview

Memeoirs is a recently introduced online service allowing users to create a printed book (POD – print-on-demand) based on your own email exchanges. The service reminds me of several websites allowing users to create a book based on their blog or Facebook page. Memeoirs: your emails in a book. Seriously? Yes, no joke. We take […]

The Philosophy and Vision of a Writer and Publisher

Alessandro Gallenzi is MD at independent publishers Alma and Oneworld Classics and The Bookseller this morning ran a piece on the London-based literary press securing a global sales and distribution deal with Bloomsbury. I am delighted for Alma and Oneworld Classics. My bookshelves are filled with titles from the old John Calder catalogue, and the […]