POD TV – Program 18: Cartoon Irreverence – Book Promo Trailer For ‘Ditch The Agent’

Ditch The Agent is a book by author, Jack King and explains how authors can achieve a traditional publishing deal without having to venture down the vanity and self-publishing avenues. Here is his irreverent trailer for the book, entitled, How [Not] to publish a book. Begin with “DITCH THE AGENT – The Book for Writers”, written by […]

POD TV – Program 14: POD, Self Publishing’s Promo Trailer

POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing have had a Youtube presence in the pipeline for a while and finally this weekend we kicked it off aptly with a promotional trailer for the site. Future video uploads will include workshop-style tutorials and advice on self-publishing. Stay tuned for further uploads over the coming months. Youtube channel […]

PODTV – Program 10: London Book Fair 2009 – Digital Book Publishing Discussion

For our tenth program in PODTV we return to a news item we covered in April. Hosted by the BBC Media Correspondent, Torin Douglas and a panel of Gail Rebuck, Chairman and CEO, The Random House Group Limited. Tim Hely-Hutchinson, Hachette. John Makinson, Chairman and Chief Executive , The Penguin Group. Victoria Barnsley, Publisher and […]