Author Solutions: A Poor Experience or Poor Choice? – Barbara Hughes | Guest Post

Background I almost didn’t write this article. I was almost going to leave “well enough alone.” I am a book editor, and the way I work is to provide my authors with any assistance that I am capable of giving them. So rather than limit myself to doing only editing, I will bring my skills […]

Matador – Reviewed (Updated, Feb 2015)

Matador is the self-publishing imprint of Troubador Publishing, based in Leicester, England. Founded in 1990, Troubador is an independent publisher of both fiction and non-fiction, with a specialist list of books on business, communication and social justice, and Italian studies. The Matador imprint was launched in 1999 and it still remains one of the leading imprints […]

The Key Book Publishing Paths 2.0 | Jane Friedman

Some TIPM readers will remember when I featured Jane Friedman’s excellent infographic on 5 Key Publishing Paths in June of this year. I wrote this article about the infographic and shared some thoughts on it. It led to some comments and discussion with Jane, here and elsewhere, and a lively and lengthy debate on how […]

Book Guild Publishing – Reviewed (UPDATED, October 2013)

Book Guild Publishing is a UK Independent publisher based in East-Sussex. It has been in the publishing business for thirty years. Headed by MD, Carol Bliss, Book Guild impressively list full details of staff and roles in the company. That’s a big plus and something many established publishers in both conventional and service publishing don’t do. […]

Turning Stone Press (Hampton Roads Publishing) – Reviewed

A little over one year ago Hampton Roads Publishing, in collaboration with Conari Press (a division of Red Wheel/Weiser LLC), launched a self-publishing service imprint called Turning Stone Press. Unlike a number of big publishers to launch such paid-service imprints over the past four years, like Thomas Nelson, Harlequin and Simon & Schuster, this was […]

Some Thoughts on 5 Key Publishing Paths

A few weeks ago the industrious and expert publishing analyst, Jane Friedman, posted this very useful infographic titled ‘5 Key Publishing Paths’. Since then it has been reproduced many thousands of times by authors across social media channels, blogs and websites, but it has often been reposted and pointed to wrongly as if it represented […]

PubliBook (Ireland) – Reviewed

PubliBook Irelandis an Irish independent publisher providing no-fee contracts and services to authors and corporate clients. Based in Kells, County Meath, the company has recently entered the growing publishing service market in Ireland. The company was established by Bill Sweeney—who has a background in production and educational management and local government—and Gilbert Dawed, a creative […]

Mill City Press (Hillcrest Media) – Reviewed and Revised (2017)

Mill City Press is an author solutions provider based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Originally founded in 2005, Mill City Press began with an investment from Click Industries, then owned by former lawyer in intellectual property, Mark Levine. Levine, an author of two novels (I will Faithfully Execute and Saturn Return) and a highly successful book on negotiating the minefield of self-publishing companies (The […]