HarperCollins & Amazon Bury the Hachette

Concerns in the book industry that big five publisher HarperCollins was set to enter a lengthy and acrimonious standoff with online retailer Amazon over new contract negotiations have abated. We reported two weeks ago on a Business Insider article which suggested that there were rumblings of discontent from HarperCollins when it was offered similar terms already signed […]

Is HarperCollins Set to Take on Amazon?

Business Insider reported yesterday that negotiations between publisher HarperCollins and Amazon are not going well. The big five publisher’s current contract is due to expire soon and it is unclear whether Amazon will continue to sell and promote HarperCollins titles beyond this date. Hachette was involved in a long-running dispute with the online retailer last […]

AuthorLounge Revamps for The Great Unpublished | LBF 2013

The AuthorLounge presence at the London Book Fair has been a feature of the event for several years and this year it gets a complete revamp and will focus on unpublished authors. LBF organisers have partnered with UK book marketing and author consultancy, Authoright. I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of exhibitors specifically focused […]

BBC Radio 4 – The Bottom Line | Books and The Future of Publishing

BBC Radio 4 programme, The Bottom Line, discussed books and the future of publishing last week. Presented by Evan Davis and featuring studio guests Jonny Geller, literary agent and joint CEO Curtis Brown; Victoria Barnsley, CEO of publisher HarperCollins UK & International; Michael Tamblyn, Chief Content Officer at Toronto-based ebook retailer Kobo. The programme was […]

News Corp Also Interested in Deal on Penguin

Rupert Murdoch – World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Since Friday, it has emerged that News Corp, parent company of HarperCollins, may also be considering a move for Penguin following confirmation that Pearson and Bertelsmann were at the early stages of talks about a merger between Penguin and Random House. The […]

Book Review: The Publishing Business: From p-books to e-books by Kelvin Smith

The Publishing Business: From p-books to e-books (Kelvin Smith) Readers of The Independent Publishing Magazine will know that we don’t do many book reviews here. In fact, over a period of five years, I think we have reviewed less than six books, and two of those reviews were editions of Mark Levine’s Fine Print of Self-Publishing. […]

Indie Publishers Back Agency Model, Criticize DoJ Deal | Publishers Weekly

Indie Publishers Back Agency Model, Criticize DoJ Deal: “Nine independent publishers have combined to file joint comments objecting to the pending settlements of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit with Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster related to e-book pricing. The publishers noted that while they continue to sell e-books under the wholesale model, they have […]

The Future of Publishing 2020: Disruption

I’ve been preparing these articles for a while on The Future of Publishing 2020. One thing I have learned is that predicting the future based on current practices and trends is a precarious business. The publishing industry–as a community and business–is undergoing an utter sea change in methodology and ideology not seen since Gutenberg’s first […]

Pottermore Is No Template For Independent Authors

Jon Evans wrote an interesting piece on TechCrunch this week entitled –Voldemortis Got Nothing On Jeff Bezos. In the article, Evan’s argues that authors – certainly big name authors like J. K. Rowling – have both wealth and resources to circumvent the ‘Big 6’ and Amazon to reach readers. More to the point, wealth and resources bring with it professional […]