Maverick House Follow Harlequin and Thomas Nelson with Book Republic Imprint

Irish publisher Maverick House look set to follow in the footsteps of US publishers Harlequin, Thomas Nelson and Hay House with the launch of what they describe as a ’boutique’ imprint, Book Republic. The new imprint will specialize in short print runs and limited editions for fiction and non fiction titles. While Maverick House will […]

Carina Press Launch with First Ten e-Book Titles

It seems like an age since we last mentioned e-publisher Carina Press, an imprint of romance publisher Harlequin Enterprises. Yesterday marked the official launch of their first ten titles. “As a digital-first publisher Carina Press is a natural extension to our business; it builds on our digital strength and leadership position. It gives us greater […]

Subtlety, Hay House Publishing and The Arrival of Balboa Press

Sometimes things get lost in the translation. We apply our own expected template on what we perceive we are seeing. Dig deeper, and the subtleness under the surface can reveal the real changes and message being communicated. There will be some debate about Hay House Publishing and their partnership with Author Solutions (ASI) to create […]

MWA Place Harlequin Back on Approved List

The Mystery Writers of America (MWA) have contacted its members through an e-bulletin to inform them that romance publisher Harlequin has agreed to abide by all of the MWA’s qualifying criteria for inclusion in their Approved Publishers List. From the e-bulletin: “We are pleased to welcome Harlequin, and all of its imprints, back onto our […]

2009: The Year That Was (Sept – Dec)

SEPTEMBER Bob Miller, President of HarperStudio, shared some pertinent views in September on the future of publishing with on how he saw the need for the relationship between publisher and author to become more of a partnership of commitment. […]”I believe that publishers and authors should be equal partners, sharing profits fifty-fifty, as we […]

When Is a Book Not a Book?

They say seeing is believing. It’s just that our instinct is also to check once, check twice, before we truly accept what we see before us. They say a millionaire passes at least one dollar bill dropped on the street every day. A pauper never misses one. Why? Because the pauper is always looking for […]

ASI CEO Responds To Harlequin/Thomas Nelson Paid-Publishing Debate With Statement

Author Solutions CEO and president, Kevin Weiss, has today formally responded with a press statement and video address about the current debate on Harlequin and Thomas Nelson to launch self-publishing partnerships with ASI to provide paid-publishing services for authors. Here is the full text of the press release. Bloomington, Ind. (PRWEB) December 7, 2009 — […]

Time Ladies And Gentlemen To Move On or Be Damned

We really have reached a time to find a way forward in publishing to deal with the existence of self-publishing and paid-publishing services. The debate is quickly becoming entrenched in morals, standpoints, labels and some very foolish rhetoric. “MWA does not object to Harlequin operating a pay-to-publish program or other for-pay services. The problem is […]