Google Play Books Platform is Open Again to Indie Authors for Direct Uploads

The Google Publisher Program allowed independent authors and small presses to sell ebooks in the Google Play bookstore. When the program was active it become a cesspool of piracy. Fake authors would sell ebooks they never wrote and  publishing companies would rename all of the main characters in Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey and […]

Google Play Books – Reviewed

What more could a self-published author want? The world’s largest search engine combined with the world’s largest e-bookstore. Google Play Books is a cross-platform application which allows users to both download and upload books in PDF and ePub formats. Unlike Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks, Google Play Books is an open publishing and sales platform […]

Google, Publishers Settle Lawsuit over Book Scanning | PW

Google, Publishers Settle Lawsuit over Book Scanning | PW It’s over—at least for publishers. The Association of American Publishers and Google today announced they have settled their long-running litigation over Google’s library book scanning. According to a statement from the AAP, Google is said to “acknowledge the rights and interests of copyright-holders,” and U.S. publishers […]

The Future of Publishing 2020: Disruption

I’ve been preparing these articles for a while on The Future of Publishing 2020. One thing I have learned is that predicting the future based on current practices and trends is a precarious business. The publishing industry–as a community and business–is undergoing an utter sea change in methodology and ideology not seen since Gutenberg’s first […]

Introducing the North American Big Six – The Shatzkin Files

Introducing the North American Big Six – The Shatzkin Files: “But from the perspective of publishers or booksellers outside the United States, there is a new North American Big Six. These are the companies that have direct relationships with publishers — all of them that matter in the US (with one noteworthy exception) and, increasingly, […]

Digital Book World Asks What We Know (and Don’t Know) About Google Editions

Eric Freese is a Solutions Architect with Aptara, which provides digital publishing solutions, and today he has written a piece for Digital Book World called, Google Editions: What We Know (and Don’t Know). The Google Editions ‘cloud bookstore’ will launch this summer and Freese looks at how Google Editions will work for authors, publishers and the […]

Global Giants Bring Different Strategies to Publishing World: Book Industry Conference 2010

There is some fascinating analysis by Benedict Evans of media research company Enders Analysis presented at this week’s Booksellers Association Book Industry Conference in London. Essentially, Evans argues global companies like Apple, Google and Amazon are not book publishers and the book industry must understand clearly the approaches and strategies of these companies. Evans describes […]