The Words Authors Should Carve on The Inside of Their Eyelids!

Writers Beware have amassed some great advice and resource links for authors wanting to avoid any pitfalls when seeking a publisher. If there is one worthwhile thing you can spend ten minutes today reading – believe me – this will be the best ten minutes of your weekend. Victoria Strauss summarizes advice for authors starting […]

Dog Ear Publishing – Reviewed (Updated, March 2012)

“What does your name mean? Something that is worn from frequent use—and something that often indicates a reader’s FAVORITE portion of a book is called “dog eared”. We want to be that “favorite” spot for authors on the internet.” Dog Ear Publishing is a US author solutions service located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Formed in 2004 […]

Virtualbookworm US – Reviewed

When I first started researching companies who provide author solutions services some years ago, Virtualbookworm (VBM) was one high on the radar. About four or five years ago, had you dropped ‘self-publishing’ as a keyword into a Google search or visited many self-publishing resources looking for information on self-publishing, you can bet VBW would have […]

Bowker Statistics 2009: Non-traditional Means Now The Majority Path For Authors

The latest 2009 statistical report released by R.R. Bowker today is a real eye-opener. The total amount of titles produced last year was 1,052,803, and significantly, 764,448 of that overall figure came from what Bowker describe as non-traditional channels – a mix of micro-publishers, self-publishers and reprints of public domain titles. In simple terms, 2010 […]

Checkpoint Press – Reviewed (Updated, Oct 2019)

Checkpoint Press is an Irish publishing service based on Achill Island, off the coast of County Mayo. The company was established in 2005 by self-published author and academic, Stephen Manning. Checkpoint Press have a primary focus on non-fiction books with a catalogue of academic, research, instruction & education, inspirational, philosophical, poetry, religious, and autobiographical works, […]

Self-Publishing Reasons To Be Cheerful – Part 2

There are many variables and choices along the self-publishing road, whether an author decides to use author solutions companies like AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Infinity, Xlibris, Mill City Press or the many others using POD (print on demand) technology. Some publishing overlords will snipe from the hedgerow on our road and argue and catcall to us that […] – Reviewed has the name every author solutions service would love to have got their hands on. Company founder Ron Pramschufer, a veteran of the print and publishing industry and author of the widely popular self-publishing guide, Publishing Basics – a Guide for the Small Press and Independent Self-Publisher (Navigating the Self Publishing Minefield), proved to […]

DellArte Press (Harlequin Paid-Publishing) – Reviewed [CLOSED]

In future months, that is—beyond November 2009—authors who drop by the DellArte Press site will probably be oblivious of the furore which occurred when romance publisher Harlequin decided to sign up with Author Solutions and utilise them to development a paid-publishing services. Harlequin is not the first, nor will they be the last. Author Solutions already […]