The Book Producers (The Author’s Friend) – Reviewed (Updated 2017)

This publishing service is currently undergoing an identity crisis. TAF Publishing now comes under The Book Producers Ltd. I’m trying to decipher this maze of Russian Dolls, wrapper by wrapper – who left who – who runs what, and just exactly what it means for self-published authors. The Book Producers fully relaunched in September 2012 and is run […]

Arima Publishing UK – Reviewed (Updated Jan 2012)

Arima Publishing is a UK self-publishing service based in Suffolk, England. The company offer authors ‘global publishing services’. Arima follow the business strategy most UK-based companies take and call it as it is for authors wanting to self-published a book. To be fair, Arima make no pretensions about being a grandiose publishing company. Writing a book is a […]

Self-Publishing Index: February 2011

The SELF-PUBLISHING INDEX for author solutions services is something we have been working on for most of 2010 and June 2010 marked the first month of flotation. Here is the latest index, February 2011. (Click image to enlarge) The most asked question we get at POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing is often along the lines of; ‘What self-publishing […]

Lulu Launch New Connect and Support Functionality Pages

Lulu has been doing some spring cleaning over the past few months, and today, the fruits of their endeavors went live – Connect and Support. Both new online facilities bring a strong defining line between how Lulu users access ‘how-to’ resources and request customer support. Connect replaces the old Lulu Forums, and Support will now solely be the dedicated […]

Lightning Source Waive Set-Up Fees For Current Promotion

Printer Lightning Source (LSI 284.40 – Index Rating, January 2011 ) is running a promotion at the moment for publishers and authors. All set-up fees will be waived if 50+ books are ordered. This offer is being run for a limited period and includes a discount code to be used against the offer. Further details […]

Timothy’s Thoughts: Review: Raider Publishing

Timothy’s Thoughts: Review: Raider Publishing “But I did see a few things that caused me to question whether they should be used. Primarily, their own website it what raised questions in my mind. In looking at the services they provide, they look very much like other subsidy presses, but the website itself looks cheap and […]

CPI UK Antony Rowe – Reviewed

Antony Rowe is a UK printer, book manufacturer and provider of self-publishing services, and part of the CPI Europe Group, which has operational bases in the UK, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany and France. As well as Antony Rowe, CPI UK includes five other book manufacturing companies, William Clowes, Mackays, Cox & Wyman, Bookmarque and White […]