From PubIt! to Nook Press: It is Now Barnes & Noble Press

It started as PubIt! in 2010, and by late 2013 became Nook Press. Retailer Barnes & Noble has struggled with its online self-publishing platform for quite some time. Standby, we have another iteration and rebranding just announced to publishers and authors. Meet Barnes & Noble Press. The link explains what is ‘new’. But in the […]

What to expect when you are publishing on: Barnes & Noble (NOOK) – AC de Fombelle | Guest Post

The first sentence of the Wikipedia article about Barnes & Noble reads: Barnes & Noble, Inc., is a Fortune 500 company, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, and a leading retailer of content, digital media, and educational products in the country. That sets the tone. Barnes & Noble is an historic bookstore chain in the US (born in 1886, […]

Barnes & Noble Relaunch PubIt as Nook Press with a Little Help from Fastpencil

Barnes & Noble has announced the rebranding of PubIt, its DIY self-publishing platform for authors wanting to publish their books on the Nook. The new platform will be called Nook Press and will have additional features in partnership with another self-publishing provider, Fastpencil. Nook Press still looks more like a rebranding than any real kind […]

The old publishing value chain got twisted a bit last week | The Shatzkin Files

Mike Shatzkin over on Idea Logical reflects on the latest developments from online retailers and how the big six (sorry, three) have reacted. The old publishing value chain got twisted a bit last week – The Shatzkin Files: So both of the giant retailers [Amazon and Barnes & Noble] are looking more and more like […]

Barnes & Noble Digital Publishing Platform Goes From Strength to Strength

Press Release: Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest bookseller, is experiencing major growth for PubIt! (, its easy-to-use digital publishing platform for independent publishers and authors, and announcing the expansion of its program into its bookstores. Since launching four months ago, more than 11,000 independent publishers and authors have joined the PubIt! community of booksellers, adding […]

Borders Group US Open e-Bookstore

This morning Borders Group USA opened the proverbial electronic doors on its new e-bookstore, entering a highly competitive market with rivals Barnes & Noble e-bookstore, the Amazon Kindle store and Apple’s iBookstore. The Borders e-bookstore is set to offer 1.5 million titles, including some free books, with Borders Inc. president, Mike Edwards, saying he hoped […]

Barnes & Noble PubIt(TM) To Provide Digital Self-Publishing Program

US bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced it is to launch a digital publishing program for independent publishers and self-published authors. PubIt! will allow users to load up completed book files online where they will be converted to the ePub format and made available for sale through Barnes & and the Barnes & Noble […]

Self-Publishing For Kids From Tikatok

Last year retailer Barnes & Noble bought Tikatok with the intention of providing a POD (print on demand) self-publishing platform for young children. The new venture is in partnership with Common Sense Media (, a leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving families’ experiences with media and entertainment. The partnership is intended to help Barnes […]