Writers Be Warned: The Case Against Author Solutions (Part 2)

Last month TIPM took a close look at extracts from a thirty page Memorandum of Law in support of certification for a class action filed in the in the Southern District Court of New York in February by law firm Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart (GSAS) against Author Solutions Inc. GSAS is representing three authors […]

Second Class Action Suit Filed Against Author Solutions

Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart, the law firm which previously filed a class-action suit against Author Solutions, announced earlier this week that it has just filed a second class-action suit. Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart has filed a class action suit against Author Solutions, a major self-publishing house owned by Penguin Random House. Unlike every other traditional publisher, Author […]

Writers Be Warned: The Case Against Author Solutions (Part 1)

Last week TIPM highlighted the discovery that Author Solutions was indeed the company behind many of the services provided by Nook Press. We also referred to the class action complaint filed by law firm Giskan SolotaroffAnderson & Stewart (GSAS) against Author Solutions in the Southern District Court of New York. This case was filed by GSAS on behalf of three authors […]

Court Files Reveal Author Solutions is the Wizard Behind Nook Press Services

In November 2014 TIPM reported that Barnes & Noble was adding a print-on-demand (POD) service to its self-publishing platform Nook Press, a part of Nook Media. Nook Press Print Service allows self-published authors to load up completed PDF files of their books in various trim sizes and formats (paperback and hardback) for private printing purposes. While the print options look far better […]

True Directions (Tarcher Books/iUniverse) – Overview

Penguin’s mind-body-spirit imprint, Tarcher Books, is the latest traditional publisher to launch a self-publishing venture for authors. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that the new Tarcher Books imprint is a publishing partnership with iUniverse (also a self-publishing imprint and owned by self-publishing service monolith, Author Solutions Inc.). Hey presto! […]

Penguin Looks For Removal While Author Solutions Seek Full Dismissal in Lawsuit

Lawyers acting for Penguin and Author Solutions, in a lawsuit filed against them by three authors, have asked for the court to dismiss the action. Regardless of any decision made on the motion to dismiss by Judge Denise Cote, lawyers have also asked for Penguin to be removed as a named defendant in the suit. From PW… Penguin and its […]

Class Action Complaint Against Penguin/Author Solutions – Part 2

The  class action complaint lodged with the New York court at the end of April alleges that ASI misrepresent its company and services with the intention of luring authors in with claims that its books can compete with “traditional publishers,” offering “greater speed, higher royalties, and more control for its authors.” The suit also alleges […]

US Law Firm and Authors Instigate Suit Against Author Solutions

Back in March TIPM reported that US attorney firm Giskan Solataroff, Anderson and Stewart LLP was carrying out an investigation into practices of the publishing industry’s largest self-publishing service, Author Solutions Inc. based in Bloomington, Indiana. Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart represent employees in employment and civil rights matters, consumers and small businesses in class actions, […]