Cantara Christopher Interview on Subtletea

Cantara Christopher shared a link with me this morning to an interview she undertook with David Herrle at Christopher is co-founder of Cantara Books, a literary micropress. Hats off to both Christopher and Herrle. This a fascinating, engaging and inspiring interview on the passion and dedication to literature and what publishing should be about. This will quite possibly turn out to be one the best interviews I have read this year.

“From the outset we decided not to operate like the more established small presses. Recent innovations in technology had created a New Paradigm, a new book world where it was possible for anyone at all to be published by for less than ten dollars; where an enterprising author could self-publish her novel, aggressively market it and make the New York Times bestseller list, like M.J. Rose with Lip Service; where a farsighted publishing company could make its fortune selling instantly downloadable ebooks of erotic fiction to women in the Midwest, like Ellora’s Cave. If anyone can write and publish a book, why publish under someone else’s imprint?”

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