Callio Press and Miller Under The Spotlight Again in Writing Magazine

If you are passing your local newsstand or newsagent tomorrow on the way to work, and you are also a keen writer on the lookout for an author solutions service, then you would be wise to pick up a copy of December’s edition of Writing Magazine. In the Writers’ News section (p27), UK author, Brian Lux, recounts his experience with Callio Press (formerly Discovered Authors and Bookforce), a company run by former Random House UK employee, Graham Miller.

Brian also commented here on The Independent Publishing Magazine some months ago about his experience:

“As a regional winner of an Undiscovered Authors competition, I was excited, knowing I would be published, AND receive a cash prize, as well as royalties. The prize came in dribs and drabs, and I was alerted to possible problems, when I was asked if I would take the last amount in books! Also, one printed batch was awful, and I was alerted by a fellow author. I remember Graham’s son suggesting I should have noticed the mistakes, as I had a proof copy! The answer to that was the proof copy didn’t have those mistakes. The staff were very supportive, though I was concerned at the changes, suggesting D/A was not a happy ship. Now I am trying to get my files back, and as for outstanding royalties….”

You can follow the full history of Callio Press here at this link, as well as the comments section which feature some hair-raising stories from Callio’s former authors. You’ll need to make yourself a strong cup of coffee before you begin reading the piece.
Not surprisingly, Callio Press and Graham Miller were unavailable for comment when Brian Lux’s piece when to press in Writers’ News. But then, Callio Press has been on our ‘Not Recommended’ list for quite a time on TIPM.    
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