Boyd Morrison – Self Publishing Success

The internet is a flutter today about the news that self-published author Boyd Morrison with the help of his agent has landed a two book deal with Simon & Schuster. Boyd Morrison has been selling his books on his website and also through Amazon’s Kindle. What is very clear about Morrison is he is a deft hand at promoting his books and has an excellent on line presence and website. The deal includes his current book, The Ark, which he was previously giving as a free ebook earlier this year, and another adventure book based on a character called, Tyler Locke.

The Ark will be published in hardcover in 2010.

His announcement from his website

“Now the big news: Today I received confirmation from my agent that The Ark will be published in hardcover in summer 2010 by Simon and Schuster’s Touchstone imprint. I couldn’t be more excited! The two-book deal is for The Ark and the next book in the Tyler Locke series, so Locke’s adventures will definitely be continuing. I also have book deals in seven other countries so far. We’re still working on The Palmyra Impact and The Adamas Blueprint, but those will be back in readers’ hands at some point.”

…when it comes down to the bottom line, you have to have faith that your work will speak for itself. You can’t force or plan positive word of mouth. It just has to happen, and I was lucky enough to experience that with my books.”

Boyd Morrison, from his website and his own words.

And I am reminded tonight of John Lenahan, by April Hamilton, for his latest book sold to Harper Collins last week.

2010, Galleycat Interview.

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