Books – The Shape of Things To Come?

Are we witnessing the shape of books to come?

Quillr is an online platform that allows authors to use a combination of multimedia with text in their book. We talked last week about Thomas Pynchon’s novel and it’s soundtrack of 1960’s music as accompaniment. Well, Quillr maybe the next step in the future of the novel.

Nicola Furlong has used Quillr in her novel, Unnatural States. It fuses text with music soundtrack and video to create a sort of graphic novel on wheels. William S. Burroughs would have killed for this!

From the press release to Furlong’s novel:

“QUILLR ™, used by Furlong for her novel Unnatural States, is a controversial suspense story told using a combination of mashed up media. Possibly the “…future of content,” suggests Joe Wikert of Publishing 2020. The text is punctuated throughout with video clips and photographs of actors recreating the characters and scenes. Music and sound effects further enhance the novel experience. “…something completely different – and brilliant,” comments Tyler Reed in Scholastic Blogspot.

UnnaturalStates is an exhilarating and provocative suspense novel that explores the devastating consequences of combining religion, biotechnology and the paranormal. In addition to our unique QUILLR ™ multimedia version, UnnaturalStates (previously available in beta form) will also be released as an ebook.”

QUILLR Unnatural States Book Trailer: Who’s Johnny Passion?Click here for more home videos

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