Bookmasters Launch Full-Scale Self-Publishing Distribution Services with AUTURO

The BookMasters Group has announced the launch of full-scale digital and print distribution service for self-published authors called AUTURO. AUTURO will provide a broader range of options, including sales, marketing, promotion and publicity than had previously been available from The Bookmasters Group. The new service will include print production as well as digital conversion and distribution. Further details regarding costs and royalty shares will be announced next Monday from the Bookmasters panel at BEA DIY.
From the official press release:


Offers more competitive revenue-sharing
Presents a broad spectrum of service and production options
Distribution to more than 40 digital outlets, with over 125 by this summer
Access not only to digital, but print and hard copy sales and distribution teams

In commenting, Robert Kasher, Business Development Manager for Integrated Solutions stated:

“There is nothing else like AUTURO on the market in terms of meeting authors’ needs to produce professional product and distribute it comprehensively to the consumer.”

BookMasters will officially launch AUTURO at BEA’s DIY Conference, Monday, May 24, at 10:00am in Room 1E03. Mr. Kasher will lead a panel presentation looking at the opportunities and challenges facing self-publishers who want to launch their book successfully in today’s market. With over 200,000 self-published titles being released annually, knowing how to access and reach the consumer effectively, with attractive and professionally competitive product, is the key challenge facing content creators today.

The BookMasters Group is a $100m owner/operated publishing services company established in 1972. Dedicated to providing the highest quality services for publishers at globally competitive prices, the company offers the most comprehensive menu of integrated services available in the publishing industry today. The BookMasters Group handles every step of the publishing process—from developmental editing and digital production, to book printing, and global distribution, both traditional hardcopy and e-content. The BookMasters Group has been dealing with challenges facing self-published authors since 1981.

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