Bookmasters Launch CONVERSO: A Creation & Digital Distribution Solution

The Bookmasters Group, the Ohio-based global publishing service for small presses and mid-sized publishers, has today announced the launch of CONVERSO, a digital content conversion solution. CONVERSO is a global service which will create an e-book, convert it to any format (EPUB, EPDF, PRC, Flash, HTML 5, Blio etc) and distribute it to more than 40 digital outlets. The new service from The Bookmasters Group is specifically aimed at the company’s large client list of small and mid-sized publishers – making digital content products accessible to them on a global distribution network.
The key points of CONVERSO according to the press release are:

Publishers get a better deal on revenue-sharing and conversion than competing offerings

Produces files that will be clearly owned by publishers to take wherever they want after the initial contract

Distribution to more than 40 digital outlets

Gives publishers the ability to earn credits toward hard copy reprints and distribution for their books.

The second point on file creation ownership is one which has been a particular source of frustration for self-published authors and single-owner small presses using POD publishing companies. Many of these companies will not release the digital files even when a contract has ended. This was a particular core value Mark Levine insisted self-published authors should look for before signing contracts with self-publishing services, and I suspect Levine, recently recruited as Bookmasters Public Relations Manager is starting to have an influence on some strategies and policies.
In commenting on the CONVERSO service offered by The Bookmasters Group, Business Development Manager for Integrated Solutions, Bob Kasher said:

“CONVERSO is the best and most comprehensive offer on the market today for small and mid-sized publishers looking to digitize their collections and distribute them worldwide.”

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